Nice to Meet You!

I am a twenty-seven year old consultant, working in the healthcare industry and living in beautiful San Francisco, CA.  I have always been pretty active and played multiple sports growing up, however after college I was sucked into the “nine to five” vortex, spent more time at happy hours than the gym, and my body turned to mush.  Within the last year or so, I found renewed resolve!  I discovered a love for running which has impacted not only the size of my love handles but also my attention span at work and energy levels throughout the day.

Running has had an amazing ripple effect in different areas of my life.  I appreciate solitude and a quiet mind like never before (I’m normally pretty chatty) and I started practicing yoga and meditation, primarily on my “rest” days.  I am very aware of the fuel I feed my body and have become more knowledgeable about the effects of processed foods, on me and the environment (freakin’ corn, man! More on that later…).

I completed two half marathons in the last year (US Half 11/1/09, 2 hrs 10 min & Kaiser Permanente 2/7/10, 2 hrs 7 min) and have a third coming up in a couple of days (The SF Marathon).  I love half marathons!  I think it’s the perfect distance – difficult, but not crazy.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s admirable that people can run 100 miles in the desert; I just don’t have any desire to be that person!  I do however have a desire to start crossing other goals off of my “to accomplish” list: a sub-two-hour half marathon and a full, 26.2 mile, marathon!

I was selected from the random drawing to participate in the Nike Women’s Marathon in October 2010!  I have created this blog for a number of reasons:

o        to journal my training efforts leading up to the main event

o        to share delicious, healthy recipes and the culinary concoctions of my better half

o        to develop my dslr skillz!

o        to expose my innermost thoughts and feelings leaving me vulnerable to reader scrutiny and judgment  🙂

Here we go!

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