Operation Hydration!

Tomorrow I will run my 3rd Half Marathon!  The event is the SF Marathon and in addition to the full marathon, they offer a 5k and 2 half marathon options: either the 1st half of the marathon course or the 2nd half.  I chose the 2nd half because the course will be new race territory for me.  I’ve already essentially run the 1st half course during my US Half last November.  I didn’t realize what a brilliant decision this was until I was checking the wave start times and course topography today.  Not only did I end up choosing the flatter of the two half marathon options, but my wave’s start time is almost 2 hours after the 1st Half Marathon runners’.  YAY for sleeping in (sort of) on a race day!

This morning we went to the Expo to pick up my bib and race goody bag.  Check out the loot!

Then we headed to the Alemany Farmers Market.  $1.50/lb for heirloom tomatoes!  Hello! Awesome!

I also convinced The Chef to try a new recipe I’ve been reading about, kale chips.  Essentially you just drizzle some olive oil over clean kale leaves, dust with salt and pepper and bake.  They were SO good!  We ate the entire bunch of kale over the course of the day.  (Hopefully that won’t have any negative effects tomorrow morning before the race!)

Now we’re sippin’ on some fresh mint tea (and lots of water for me) and watching the Giants stomp on the Diamondbacks 🙂

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