How many years was Al Capone locked up on Alcatraz?

5? 6 years I think.

Sunday’s San Francisco Marathon was one most well organized races/events that I’ve had the pleasure of participating in.  Random trivia questions such as this one were posted to city lamp posts and street signs and aligned the entire course.  Quite entertaining for a Jeopardy fanatic like me and a welcomed distraction from the anxiety a race can bring.  Am I running on pace?  Am I going to PR?  God help me, I just don’t want to die (or walk!)!  Am I going to break 2 hours?  How can I even tell, I don’t have a watch?!  Oh no, another person just passed me!   Do I have to pee?  What is that feeling in my stomach?


This race was a roller coaster of emotions for me.  Well they all have been so far but for very different reasons.  I didn’t feel like I had put in the mileage that was necessary during training for this Half Marathon; especially if I thought I was going to have any chance at a PR (Personal Record) let alone coming in under 2 hours.  About 5 or 6 miles in, I almost abandoned these goals completely because after all, this is really just a training run for my October FULL Marathon, right?  Next Saturday I have to run 14 miles, and then 16 the week after that, then 18, 20 etc…So as long as I just get through this 13.1 I’ll be fine, on track even for the Bethtober Race.

But wait, I wasn’t raised to “just get through this”.  I don’t want a longer finish time than ever before.  I AM in better shape, I HAVE been working hard, I CAN do this!  So I did.  And I learned a lot of San Francisco trivia in the process.

Official finish time, a NEW PR – 2:02:20!

(Plus look at all the goodies at the finish line!)

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