Ya Smell Me?

A quick note about this morning’s workout…

I had a migraine yesterday which means two things:

  1. I didn’t get a run in and will have to double up workouts one day this week (probably today)
  2. I didn’t shower

It’s the latter that inspired this post (no, no! no need to thank me!).  I stink.  I could smell my armpits during the entire workout: 30 minutes with Jillian (Michaels) and 30 minutes of Pilates that followed.  WOW!  It’s actually quite distracting but I managed to pull myself together and focus.

I’ve never worked out this intensely so closely following a race but there’s no time to waste.  Bethtober is rapidly approaching…81 days to race day!  (Yep, I counted.)  I’ll post my training schedule in the coming days so that you can see all the fun I have planned! 😉

I’m sooooooo looking forward to this shower.  Have a great day!

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1 Response to Ya Smell Me?

  1. Alana says:

    You crack me up!!!

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