THE Training Schedule

Alright, enough of the mushy stuff.  Back to business!

I posted THE Marathon training schedule below in case anyone is curious and wants to keep tabs on the torture I’ll be subjecting my body to in the coming months.  It isn’t really a fair representation of the TOTAL training schedule; it’s more like the 2nd half of it.  The 1st half was just completed in preparation for last Sunday’s 13.1.  It also doesn’t have this week’s plan, which includes a 5 miler tomorrow (a make up from missing Tuesday – I did the same distance this morning too before work) and 14 on Saturday.  That means on Sunday, I will no longer be a girl who has run 13.1 miles; I will be a girl who has run 14!  I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

Marathon Training Aug_Oct 2010

In the last sappy post I mentioned my Little Brother; I decided this morning that you will know him as PhD.  He’s been a student for like two decades now because when he grows up he wants to be a Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy (insert the “I think I’m funny giggle” here).  I’m super proud of him and I’m sure he’ll come up again in my story telling to you so he needed an official Bethtober Blog name.  So, if you’re paying attention, now we have The Chef and PhD, and I am your host, Bethtober.  More characters to come later, have a good day!

Oh yeah – PS – The “XT” in the training schedule means “Cross Training”; on these days I can really do any physical activity for the designated amount of time, except run.

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