Salivation Station

I want to share one more picture from the weekend that made me giggle.  I like the word giggle.  The Chef and I were listening to an NPR report in the car on the way home on Sunday about “juicy” words and the origins of various words and I definitely think that some words pack more of a punch than others.  Bumblebee, fartlek, button, octagon, Uruguay, garbanzo, curmudgeon…Ah!  Focus!  I’ve digressed.  (Digress! That’s a good word!)  And I almost started to tell you all about the words I don’t like saying!

After the Chef’s Cousins left for college, his Aunt/Uncle began to rent out a room in their house and the tenant was gone for the weekend so that’s where we stayed.  This is a picture of one of her bookshelves.  For those of you who are familiar with the Fail Blog (, this reminds me of a photo you might see on that site…Nothing like reading a little 1 Corinthians 7:2 before playing a game of Dirty Minds!

Tonight I went to Happy Hour after work at Hog Island Oyster Co ( in the Ferry Building….deeeeeeeeelicious!  $3 microbrews and $1 (fresh from Tomales Bay) oysters, where have you been all my life?!  Yummmmmmmy!  I have a 5 mile run early tomorrow morning so I didn’t go crazy with the beverages but in the words of Michael Franti (The Wire Soundtrack) – oh my, oh my God!

On the way out of the Ferry Building I grabbed some of this for a pre-run boost tomorrow morning:

PhD, I apologize if this makes you salivate.  I’m happy to mail some across the country for a small fee 😉

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