To Treadmill or Not To Treadmill?

That is the question of the day.

This morning’s 5 mile run was completed at the gym on the…you guessed it…treadmill.  I have mixed feelings about running indoors.  On one hand, I don’t have to worry about the thick San Francisco “rain-fog” or under-caffeinated morning drivers.  I have a bathroom always within 10 feet of me and can set my pace to auto-pilot and get lost over analyzing my dreams from the night before or my to-do list for the day.  The belt is softer on the knees than concrete and sometimes televisions are available to provide an additional distraction from counting the miles (although not at my gym).

However on the flip side, you have to breathe in stale, sweaty air instead of the fresh, floral oxygen of Golden Gate Park.  If it’s still dark outside, I can’t see through the gym windows so I end up staring at a reflection of myself or the gym behind me which is extremely disorienting as I’m running “forward”.  Sometimes there are people waiting so runs are capped off at 30 minutes.  The treadmills start to cool down after 30 minutes anyways at my gym so even if no one is waiting I have to stop and restart in order to run any farther than 3.5 miles – which resets all of the time/pace/calorie counters.

I don’t have to worry about weather playing a factor in completing training programs, but if it ever rains during a race, it’ll be a first experience for me to run that type of distance in the rain.

I’m not sure I could do double digits on the treadmill but for now 5 or 6 miles is OK.

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6 Responses to To Treadmill or Not To Treadmill?

  1. Dad says:

    A delicious word to roll around on your tongue and dance with your heart….Chortle!

    “I haven’t failed. I’ve just found ten thousand ways that won’t work.”
    Thomas Alva Edison

  2. shawna says:

    YAY BETH!! I am so proud of you for doing this! What a huge goal. 🙂 I am impressed!

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