In the words of Monica Figuerola…

“The reason that I work out is that it feels great.  That’s a normal phenomenon among people who do extreme training.  The body produces a pain suppressing chemical and you become addicted to it.  If you don’t run every day, you get withdrawal symptoms after a while.  You feel an enormous sense of well-being when you give something your all.  It’s almost as powerful as good sex.”

Who is Monica Figuerola you ask?  Well, she was born in Sweden in 1969.  She was once a world class athlete and nearly made it onto the Swedish Olympic team for gymnastics.  She currently works in the Constitutional Protection unit of the Swedish Security Police and is an exercise fanatic.  She’s also a fictional character in the book I’m reading but hey, I like her style 😉 (The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, by Stieg Larsson)

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