Dearest SF

Dear San Francisco, California,

Our relationship has been growing a lot over the past couple of years but recently something has come up that I need to share with you.  I fear if I keep it bottled in any longer it may cause irreparable damage to our bond.  I love running down your streets and through your parks; I want to ensure nothing comes between us.

Here’s the thing, its freezing.  And it’s August.

I understand that your summer months come later in the year but I can’t remember the last time I saw the sun.  Don’t get me wrong, watching tourists walk around in shorts is pretty amusing – Note to tourists: You don’t really EVER need to bring shorts on a trip to San Francisco, especially if your vacation is in June or July.

But seriously, it’s about time that we heat things up around here.  To help you understand the severity of the issue please consider the following points:

  • I thought the globe was warming…?
  • It is so cold outside that the creepy lady on California St who stares out her apartment window all day long can’t see anything because her window is completely fogged up.
  • I wore my Pea Coat to work last week.
  • I’m getting my new Garmin Forerunner 305 today (woohoo!) and I want to use it on my run tomorrow morning.  It won’t do me much good on the treadmill.
  • On the current weather map, you can see that we are easily one of the coldest places in America:

You have approximately 2 months and 7 days to pull it together…or else.

Pretty please!



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