Date Night!

First let me tell you about the gold star that The Chef won today before I tell you about how I’m having date night tonight with someone else. 😉

I should also note two things:

  1. This week was exceptionally long and exhausting. T.G.I.F.
  2. Happy Friday the 13th!  My birthday is in exactly two months so you can start your countdown 😉

I had a client presentation to give at work this afternoon; the content wasn’t too challenging but my nerves always act up a bit any time when all eyes and ears are on me.  OK, maybe not any time but certainly often in professional settings.  I’ve learned to make sure that I’m thoroughly prepared and they usually calm down after I’ve begun, but my adrenaline gets pumpin’ nonetheless.  It actually would be the perfect time for a run but alas, I am in heels and confined in a room on the 10th floor with a white board, PowerPoint and a Polycom.

So I did what anyone would do.

I wore my my new jacket for a little extra assurance.  The presentation was administered via GoToMeeting so it didn’t really matter what I wore today, plus its “Casual Friday”, right?!  It was just like the first day of school!  I was a little bit anxious, but I had my new outfit on so I knew it would be OK.  Long story short, I got a lot of compliments on the jacket and the presentation went really well; I “did a fabulous job”, said the biggest boss.

The most interesting jacket related remark came from my office building’s doorman.  In the last year and a half since we’ve been in this building, he’s never said one word to me…let alone open the door.  He started nodding at me when I lost some weight and my hair grew longer last year but still, no words, no door opening.

Today Doorman told me that he liked my jacket.  He also told me all about how some of the guys on the 6th floor are from South Africa and have some “pretty cool” track jackets that they wore during the World Cup.  They may comment on my jacket if they see me today, I was told.  Hmmmm.  Maybe now I’m in the club!

We’ll see how it goes on Monday; I’ll let you know if I’m cool enough for a salutation when I’m back in my business casual attire.  After the meeting my adrenaline crashed and I was immediately ready to come home for a glass of wine and dinner.  On the bus ride home, my brain toggled between the last chapters in my book and thoughts of ordering sushi.  I knew The Chef would already be at work and I didn’t think we had any protein in the house so I instantly began salivating at the thought of Hamachi Nigiri and a Spicy Tuna Roll.  I was too tired from the work day week to cook anything and since I need to load up on calories for tomorrow’s 15 mile run, I decided to treat myself to some Japanese food take out…and then I unlocked the front door and entered the apartment.

Aromas of Thai basil and roasted chicken filled the air.  The house was clean, the mail on the counter, the bed made, the living room picked up, the dishes mostly done.  What in the?  Where am I?  This is amazing!

I called The Chef and THANKED him (it was a big thank you) and also made sure I could eat the deliciousness that I was smelling.  (I once drank a glass of my Momma’s water without asking when I was younger, turns out it wasn’t water, it was hydrogen peroxide; I ask now.)  When I got the go-ahead, I made some grain balls to accompany the deliciousness.

Grain balls:

Here’s what everything looked before I inhaled it.  Not the prettiest, but the most delicious-iest.

Raise your hand if you love having the appetite and metabolism of a teenage boy!

Taking pictures of yourself is kind of weird; I did it for you.  And yes, that’s Bill Walsh in the background.  We’ve haven’t talked about the 49ers yet because it’s still Giants baseball season but we’ll soon get there.  49ers and the Steelers, you’ll see.

Tonight I have a date with Stieg Larsson.  I’m so close to finishing my book and I’m having a really hard time putting it down so tonight we’ll be cuddling while The Chef is at work. Shhhhhhh.

Also, I received an early Bethtober present 🙂

After Stieg goes to bed, I’m going to hang out with Gus, Gus the Garmin.  I have a 15 mile run tomorrow morning before we head to the North Bay to help my SIL (sister-in-law) with renovations to their house.  I get to eat farmer’s market food and play with my niece and nephew while most of the renovating takes place…I win!

I’ll let you know how Gus and I do tomorrow.  Have a great night!

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