5 miles, times 3.

Yesterday I ran 15 miles with Gus.  The run went much better than last week’s long run for 3 reasons:

  1. Gus is AWESOME!
  2. I brought hydration with me in a water belt.
  3. It was a cool, foggy 50 or 60-something degrees outside.  (San Francisco, I take back everything I said the other day about your climate and our relationship.  I blame hormones and I must have been out of my mind.  It was me, not you.)

Oh and also, this guy who was stationed by the buffaloes in GG Park, working the Outside Lands Festival, ran across the street to give me a high-five and said “keep it up”!  I was on mile 11 or so, it made me smile (and gave me a little extra ummmph!).

I set Gus to record and display 3 things during the run:

  1. The total time elapsed (minutes).
  2. My current pace (minutes/mile).
  3. The distance I’d run (miles).

Having real time information like this is a blessing and a curse.  For example, I knew just 0.23 miles in that I hadn’t even run a quarter of a mile yet and then I checked at 0.57, 1.09, 1.38…oh-my-lanta not even two miles in!  BUT when I felt myself slowing at any point during the run, I could look down at Gus to see what my pace was and pick it up immediately!  The positives definitely outweigh the negatives, for 3 reasons.

  1. Gus has an “auto-pause”.  This is crucial when running through heavily trafficked city streets.  Anytime I stopped at a stop light or hesitated to let a distracted driver go first, Gus knew and he took a breather too!
  2. I won’t need to map my run anymore in SF.  I just ran, Gus told me when I was half way and then I turned around and came home.
  3. Charts and graphs!!!  Look at what Gus can do after you plug him into the computer (the really high pace peaks were when Gus took a breather)

This was my pace

This is where I ran

(Were you guys able to see those links/charts?  Let me know if it didn’t work for you and I’ll troubleshoot tomorrow.)

Gus also let me know the following 3 things about my 15 mile run:

  1. My average pace was 9.56 minutes/mile
  2. Total distance = 15.01 miles (the .01 counts!) with a total time = 2:29:16.77
  3. Total calories burned = 1441 calories

Bethtober is real and doesn’t want to blow sunshine up your fanny so let’s discuss the things Gus will have to work on:

  1. He’s huge and I have little wrists.  He may need to lose a few pounds.
  2. He gets a little slippy-slidey when my wrists get sweaty.
  3. I’d like for him to either contain a constant supply of cold water or make me breakfast after my run. 😉

I already have a potential solution for issues 1 and 2; The Chef recommended something as well so we’ll see if either alternative pans out.  Stay tuned.

For those of you following my actual training plan you may have realized that I was scheduled to run 18 miles yesterday.  You may therefore be confused why I only ran 15.  Dadtober is probably the only one who noticed this so for his benefit, I’ll explain the 3 reasons for this:

  1. On Thursday morning my body said “sleep Bethtober, don’t go run this morning, you need sleep”.  So I listened.
  2. My new running shoes have not been delivered yet and I need them to go 18 miles.
  3. A training plan is just that, a plan.  And rules plans were made to be broken.  I’ve learned that the training schedule can be flexible and you have to listen to your body (and plan around FedEx).

So I shuffled things around a bit and essentially combined the 5 mile run from Thursday that I missed and the 10 mile run scheduled for next Saturday and ran 15 miles.  This means of course, that next Saturday I’ll run the 18 miles I was supposed to run yesterday.  Got it?!

Total Miles (this week): 26

PS – Growing up, Dadtober always explained that things were the way they were for 3 reasons.  Always, 3 reasons.  Even if there probably really weren’t 3 reasons, there were 3 reasons.  Here’s to Dadtober!…for 3 reasons 😉

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6 Responses to 5 miles, times 3.

  1. Sharon Craig says:

    Gus sounds like a perfect OCD companion for you….It satisfies your desire to graph and chart! I love your BLOG….so much fun for me to vicariously run a marathon and you do all the work. You are a wonderful daughter!
    Love and Hugs,

  2. Chef's Sister says:

    I want a Gus! He sounds like a happy running companion.

  3. Dad says:


    This was an outstanding blog for 3 reasons;

    1. Technology experienced
    2. Lessons realized
    3. Loves shared

    ALL MY LOVE & Heart

  4. bethtober says:

    smoochies! i LOVE your 3 reasons 😉

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