This morning I had to give myself a couple pep-talks in order to peel myself out of the warmest, coziest cocoon, stumble to the kitchen for coffee and get dressed for my run before my brain realized what happened.  If I give my brain a chance to catch up with my body it would have definitely wondered why on earth I seem to favor a cold, long early morning run over some more shut-eye next to my personal heater and it may have tried to convince me to crawl back in the bat cave.

Don’t worry; I’m very good at talking myself into things.

Don’t be a lazy wimp Bethtober!

You’ll feel better once you get started.

You’ll feel amazing after you’re done.

Think about how much you love having the metabolism and appetite of a teenage boy.

The Nike Women’s Marathon is less than 2 months away!

On mornings like this one I think of Karen Queally.  I read about Karen Queally in an issue of Runner’s World magazine and she also rang the bell to kick off my 2nd Half Marathon (February 2010, Kaiser Half Marathon).  Karen Queally set a goal to run 50 marathons before her 50th birthday which she accomplished, but that is not even the impressive part.  She then set a goal to run another 50 marathons before her 60th birthday and she attained that 3 years ahead of schedule, at 57 years young.  But wait, that’s not even the MOST impressive part!  Karen Queally didn’t miss one single day of running for 13 years, even in 2005, when she had a mastectomy and chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Karen Queally did it and she had breast cancer, you are just sleepy!  Get up!

If Karen Queally can get out of bed to run, so can I.  Thanks Karen Queally, you are an inspiration 😉

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