Busy Bee

I have a very busy couple of months ahead of me.  It’s going to go a little bit like this on a daily basis for awhile: run, work, sleep (repeat).

I’m beginning to think I probably didn’t pick the best time (as far as work is concerned) to try to train for a marathon, but frankly, there’s no turning back now!  We’re going to get this did!

Lately, my brain activity has sort of resembled a pinball game: consistently active, all over the place, headed for the gutter.

Below are some random thoughts I had this week for you to noodle on:

  • Eli Manning’s head was gushing blood like a character in a horror movie on Monday night.  It’s football season…woohoo!!!
  • I wonder when the cows are going to start tailgating. (Get it?!)
  • I want to go to Kauai to visit The Chef’s cousin on her farm before December.  Probably not going to be financially feasible, but I miss Hawaii.  There’s a marathon in early December in Hawaii.
  • I have the cutest niece ever, and she’s a pretty smart little chicky too at almost 5 years old.  She told me last Saturday that her dad is actually nocturnal now (he’s in Bangladesh for work) because he is awake when we are sleeping and sleeping when we are awake.
  • I wonder if people’s bellies sweat when they get nervous.  (Not that this happens to me…I’m just wondering.)
  • I need some new running songs.  My favorite songs to run to for the moment: Love The Way You Lie (Eminem & Rihanna) – for cooling down, Proud Mary (Tina Turner) – for heating up, Big Boi’s new album Sir Lucious Left Foot, The Son of Chico Dusty – newest addition to the playlist.  Any suggestions people?
  • Every morning I think of writing a blog titled “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake up San Francisco”!  It hasn’t come to fruition yet.

I need a vacation…maybe in November.

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