I Kicked That Run’s Ass!

Is it OK to swear on a blog?  I’m not entirely sure but “booty” just doesn’t have the same effect.

So you’ll remember that I have 25 miles to run this weekend.  I decided to give myself a bit of a break and determined that as long as I complete 25 miles before Monday morning, it doesn’t matter how many combinations of runs it took me to get there.  So the plan is to run 7 miles today, 10 miles tomorrow morning and then 8 tomorrow afternoon.  Next weekend there will be no “cheating” and I will have to complete the full 18 miles in one run.

I killed the 7 miles this morning.  It was a great feeling.  Most of the time when I looked down to check on Gus he told me my pace was below 9 minutes/mile; anytime it was above that I was able to really kick it into gear.  I’m not sure where all the energy came from although I did have a delicious, hearty, grass-fed, pasture raised, organic hamburger last night (that I made all by myself!).  Here are the stats from today’s run:

Total Distance = 7.01 miles

Average Pace = 9.01 minutes/mile

Total Time = 1:03:11

Total Calories Burned = half of the hamburger from the night before

If I can keep the same pace up for my next half marathon, I’ll surely accomplish my sub-2-hour goal.

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