SF Street Food Festival | Hog & Rocks

The Chef and I went over to the Mission (district) today to partake in the San Francisco Street Food Festival.  We went after my 7 mile run so I was pretty hungry, although we were meeting friends for dinner afterwards so we didn’t want to overindulge.  The Chef and I are still learning about “moderation”, today was good practice.

There was A LOT of good food out at the festival and contrary to my pre-conceived notions about the participants/exhibitors they didn’t all necessarily operate a street food or food cart oriented business.  A lot of the booths were SF restaurants showcasing their food like: La Mar, Slanted Door, Aziza.

We got a Salvadoran pupusa and tamale from Estrellita’s, a delicious Salvadoran banana bread (and a cheesy bread to take home), and takoyaki from Nombe.  Takoyaki is a Japanese dumpling usually made of octopus (although ours was pork because they had run out of octopus by the time we got there) topped with green onion, pickled ginger, okonomiyaki sauce and other goodness.  Take a look!

We then met one of my closest and oldest friends (we’ve known each other since 6th grade) and her fiancé for dinner at Hog & Rocks (Ham & Oysters – get it?!).  The onslaught of delicious food continued and the company was even more satisfying.  We saw Wolverine on the way to gelato afterwards and needed to take a picture.

Then The Hulk knocked me out!  Good night!

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