GG Park, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

  1. Waterfalls, rose gardens and lakes in the middle of SF
  2. Groups in the morning doing Tai Chi in unison
  3. Free Swing Dancing
  4. No cars allowed! (on Sundays in the Summer)
  5. The Conservatory, de Young Museum, Japanese Tea Garden, California Academy of Sciences
  6. Disc Golf
  7. Roller Skate Dancing
  8. Remote control boat races in Spreckels Lake
  9. Beach access
  10. Little San Franciscans learning how to ride their two-wheelers
  11. Like minded runaholics
  12. Buffaloes!

One reason for each mile completed so far today.  Here are the stats from Gus for this morning’s run:

Total Distance:  12.0 miles

Total Time:  1:56:58

Average Pace:  9.44 minutes/mile

Total Calories: 1147 calories

Thank goodness for some post-run deliciousness at Hard Knox; now its time to digest and get some work done take a nap before I head out to take advantage of the sun today and complete another 6 miles.

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