Under the Weather is Beautiful!

Get it?!  “Before and After”, like the category on Jeopardy.  Yes/No?

I’m certainly not suggesting that being under the weather is beautiful.  Today, I am under the weather and today, the weather is so beautiful and glorious!  San Francisco, summer is here!  (at least until Friday and then its supposed to be cold again)

I have a lot to fill you in on so let’s go in chronological order.  I went to the Giants game last night with an old friend…an old, old friend; I’ve known him and his family since I was in elementary school.  His dad, who passed away 10 years ago to the day tomorrow, used to own a portion of the Giants so they have ridiculous season tickets.

Say “Hi” to Posey and Huff

I started to feel a bit icky about half way through the game but I attributed it at the time to allergies, wiped my watery eyes, put in some drops and cheered on.  We left in the 8th inning when the Giants were up 8-2 so that I could get some sleep before my morning run.

Before I knew it, I woke up, rolled over and looked at the alarm clock…2:47 AM!  I rolled the other way to see my laptop still accompanying me in bed, where is The Chef!?  I was immediately filled with equal parts: sleepy, worry, angry and thirsty (like the dwarfs).  That restaurant closes at 1 AM (I think), where is he!? For some reason the worried and angered parts of me seem to take over my brain in moments like these; it’s probably estrogen related.  I begin to think of all possible places he could be, all possible reasons why he wouldn’t be home yet.  Sometimes I even begin the confrontational conversation in my head.

I then did what any rational human would do and called him.  Ring.  Oh man I hope he is OK; boy do I hope he is OK because he is going to get an earful from me (once I’m well rested and hydrated).  Ring.

The Chef:         Hello

Bethtober:        (Why did he answer the phone like he has no idea it’s me calling, hello! We have caller ID these days, my name is on your cell phone screen!  Bethtober, skip the “hello” and cut to the chase…) Where are you?!

The Chef:         I’m in the living room, reading.

Bethtober:        (speechless.  And…exhale)

We both hung up the phone simultaneously and met in the hallway for a hug.  It was cute; I was ridiculous.  Good thing nothing in my brain came out of my mouth.  Crisis averted, let’s cuddle.

Fast forward to 5:30 AM and the sound of that damn alarm!  Karen Queally, Karen Queally, Karen Queally…

My pep-talk worked, I rolled my congested head out of bed, woke Gus up and got ready to run.  It is completely counterintuitive to me that people who run long distances have weaker immune systems and are more prone to illness.  This is a fact.  Although, I am not attributing this to running; The Chef had a cold last week from his first days at school work so I’m pretty sure he lovingly passed that bug along to me.  Literally, the only thing that got me out of bed this morning was the weather and the promise of my first weekday morning run with Gus in the sun!  I ran in a tee-shirt and shorts people!  At 6 AM!

I had hoped to come home early from work today but that didn’t happen; too much to do.  So now I look like this, on the couch, finishing some things up so that I can actually take sort of a day off tomorrow, since I requested it off awhile ago (and – sneak peek – I have another day at the ball park planned!)

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