“Sick” by Belle Silverstein

I did not go to work today

In fact, I haven’t been since Tuesday.

I didn’t have an appetite, couldn’t eat,

I could barely get up, on my feet.

I missed the Giants game, and all the fun,

What stinks even more, we lost by 1 run.

There was weakness in my hands, and my knees,

I had a fever of 102 degrees.

On top of everything, I got a migraine too,

It’s very probable that I have the flu.

My nose is still runny, and throat is sore,

I’ve spent some time on the bathroom floor.

I have a phlegmy cough, don’t come close,

Religiously taking DayQuil, dose by dose.

Not running by day, but sleeping instead,

I haven’t seen much, but my bed.

My head is congested, I’m constantly dizzy,

I need ginger ale or something fizzy.

The Chef is too good to be true,

Running errands, makin’ sure I’m not blue.

What’s that? What’s that you say?

You say tomorrow is Saturday?

Great! I need to rest, at least another day.

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