Miss Me?!

I’m baaaaaaaack!

Well not completely but enough to be a functional human.  Wowza, that flu hit me like a ton of bricks!  I still feel a bit icky – congested, lethargic – but yesterday it was back to running and today, back to work.

I only did 5.45 miles on Sunday, just to loosen things up after 4 days of no physical activity whatsoever and I mean NOTHING.  I literally didn’t move from my bed on Wednesday more than maybe 2 times all day, to refill my water and my ice pack.  I spent a lot of time with my fish-baby, Circle (that is not his Bethtober Blog name; that is his real name).

My feet were really hurting after my long run last weekend so I came to the same conclusion any girl would come to, I need new shoes!!!

The Chef didn’t buy it either, especially considering I just got my new pair about 3 weeks ago.  Hmmmm.  If I didn’t need new shoes then what was the issue?  I got a good year out of my last pair and I bought the exact same brand again this time.  The Chef suggested that I head off any potential foot/knee/ankle injuries by purchasing some moldable insoles, so I obliged (and some how snuck in some cute running shirts and a new pair of shorts).  We went to the only store in San Francisco that carried the insoles and I was able to mold them before my Sunday run.  PHE-NOM-EN-AL!  It was like running on a cloud!

I also revised my training schedule a bit.  I re-evaluated my long runs specifically and think that I was a little bit over zealous and probably nervous when creating my first training program.  Trying to do 20+ mile runs 3 weeks in a row is a little bit crazy so I revised my September schedule, kept the longest distance of 22 miles, added some distance to my Wednesday runs and eliminated one of the 20 mile runs.  The new schedule is below if anyone is interested.

Sept_Oct 2010

Stay tuned for a CSA update!

Total Miles (this week): 10.45

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