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Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail!

“It pays to plan ahead.  It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark!” What do you have planned for today? Oh, me?  I’m going to make some breakfast, get some work done, run 20 miles, get some more work done … Continue reading

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What’s for Dinner

If I gave you three chances, you’d probably never be able to guess what I had for dinner tonight.  Even those of you who know what came in the CSA bag last week or what I like to eat all … Continue reading

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Flosser’s High?

Today I couldn’t help but think about what life would be like if we approached other activities like marathons, with a training program. Most of us (hopefully) go to the dentist every six months; I actually have my next appointment … Continue reading

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I’m not laughing.

This whole marathon business is NO JOKE! This morning I ran a gazillion miles. I’m about to head out to dinner with The Chef but I wanted to: a)                  confirm that I am still alive. b)                  share some of the … Continue reading

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Training for Pregnancy

I decided today that the experience of training for a marathon seems to be pretty similar to what expecting mothers go through for nine months.  I have never been (and am not… yet ;)) pregnant, so I can’t say for … Continue reading

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I’m on Strike!

“Pain is a bad deal!  No more heels!”  Say it with me.  “Pain is a bad deal!  No more heels!” “Pain is a bad deal!  No more heels!” “Say no to blisters that pop! Wear flip flops!”  I can’t hear … Continue reading

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E is for Educated Eating

I am watching the premiere of the 10th season of the Biggest Loser and feel compelled to share some thoughts.  Yes, it aired last night but I recorded it because I got in a fight with NyQuil and NyQuil won. … Continue reading

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