Self Talk

I wonder if other people talk to themselves as much as I do.

I talk to myself A LOT.  Most of the time, I don’t think I’m technically talking to myself but the inanimate objects won’t respond so it couldn’t be classified as a conversation.  For example, I just asked the TV a question about the tennis match score that it is displayed.  I know we’re getting into semantics here but I technically wasn’t asking myself the question, I asked the TV.  The TV just didn’t respond.  Don’t worry, I figured out the answer in the meantime.

I’m home alone most nights now because The Chef is at work and when I’m at work I have my own office, so it’s not like people are just around for me to talk to.  Or maybe my self-talk increased when I started running last year.  I often comment on the weather or the cute little girl trying to learn how to ride her bike in the park.  I say something if the homeless man I pass is particularly stinky or a smoker exhales just as I go by; and I always remember to say hi to the buffaloes.

On a daily basis I talk to my work computer and I’m usually not very nice.  I also typically provide audible commentary on the scent condition of the bathroom and kitchen in the office.

I wonder if most people just keep these thoughts in their head.  Do you?  Am I chattier than the normal person?  Maybe the problem is the thickness of the filter between my brain and mouth.

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