CSA Today

First of all, I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday!  We even had a day off from work this week and it’s still dragging!  To be clear, it’s not dragging in the “I have nothing to do, when is this week going to be over” sense, nor is it dragging in the “work is so stressful I may die before I make it to Saturday” sense.  It’s more like “I have so much to do and have been surprisingly productive; I can’t believe I’ve accomplished all that I’ve accomplished in only two business days.  I need a vacation.” 😉

I picked up the CSA bag after work today and luckily caught a glimpse of The Chef on my way home (his way out to school).  We met on the sidewalk, long enough for me to inspect his uvula and give him a smoochie (on the cheek).  He is coming down with something; probably the same thing that I had last week and when he gets sick his uvula gets swollen (yucka!).  It’s so swollen now that you can actually hear it clogging his airway when he tries to speak!  Don’t worry, I’ve medicated him, prescribed doses of TheQuil (both Day and Night time varieties) and he will check in with me in the morning.

In other news, I got the CSA bag today!  Ironically before I picked up the bag I was reading an article in Runners World about how tomatoes are a very healthy food.  Luckily I have a severe addiction to affinity for tomatoes and tomato products.  This week two organic, locally grown, beefsteak tomatoes were included as part of the CSA bag.  Here’s what we got:

Yellow Potatoes
Beefsteak Tomatoes
Fuji Apples

You may not know this about me yet but I love little things (and not just because I myself am a little person).  I love travel size packages of everything.  I eat with a little fork and prefer things on smaller dishes.  I like the piece of bread on the end of a loaf because it is smaller (and usually neglected or thrown away).  I love babies and/or small children and their clothes (and little fingers and toes!).  Our office manager even gave me a miniature stapler and little paper clip holder, so cute!  I also love baby carrots or other teeny-tiny produce.  In the CSA bag this week I got the cutest little baby fuji apples.  I’m not sure if you can really tell how small they are from the picture I took but trust me, they’re awesome!

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