Weekend Recap

I waited too long to write my 16 mile run summary for you guys and now I can’t think of anything clever to say!  Speechless?  Bethtober?  That can’t be right.  Let’s see, what can I say about the run…

It was long.  It was hard.

(that’s what she said, that’s what she said!)

For real, it wasn’t too bad.  I brought a new water belt with me that a friend let me try out.  I still bruised.  I’m not sure you can really wear or do anything for three or more hours and have it not scar or injure your body.  Let’s test this theory; someone clap for three hours straight and let me know if your hands or arms hurt 😉  Just another war wound, I can handle it.  I’m a tough girl (ask my Momma).

After my run we had friends over for the night and we all went on the night tour of Alcatraz.  It was awesome!  The Chef tried to take enough pictures to fill up the entire memory card on the camera so there are plenty to share; below are some of my favorites.

Sunday was spent how all Fall Sundays are spent…with football.  I love this season 😉  The 9ers looked awesome for about 10 minutes and then not so much; it was painful.  My fingers and toes are still crossed for this season.  I’m over Alex Smith but apparently we’re giving him another chance.  I say no more chances if this year mirrors the previous five years.

In other news, my birthday is in exactly one month from today!  You can start your countdown now!  This year my excitement is quelled a bit because of the anxiety I also feel about my marathon which is four short days later!  (For the record I really did just write that phenomenal vocab word you just read – quelled – without a thesaurus or dictionary or anything!)

Total Miles (since September 1 – past two weeks): 57

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