I’m on Strike!

“Pain is a bad deal!  No more heels!”  Say it with me.  “Pain is a bad deal!  No more heels!” “Pain is a bad deal!  No more heels!”

“Say no to blisters that pop! Wear flip flops!”  I can’t hear you! “Say no to blisters that pop! Wear flip flops!”

With just 24 days left until THE marathon, I am not taking any chances.  I quit wearing heels to work or out at night, a couple of weeks ago and have pledged not to put them back on my feet until after Bethtober 17th.  I wear either flats or flip flops to work most days and am very grateful to work for a company that realizes that it is more important what comes out of my mouth and brain than what is worn on my feet.  Outfit choices for work can be a bit challenging some days though as a number of my “work pants” have been tailored specifically for 3-4 inch heels but it’s a small sacrifice for the greater goal!  I do have some pretty cute pairs of shoes that I miss.  Is it wrong that I still want to shop for new ones even though I’m not wearing them?!

Additionally, I realized a week or two ago that I can’t get anymore pedicures until after THE marathon.  I have cut back on this luxury significantly within the last year or two anyways but the last time I went, they scrubbed off all of my calluses!  Hey, I worked hard for those! And then I had to endure another round of blistering and callusing.  No thank you very much!

“Calluses don’t stink!  Paint your own nails pink!”

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2 Responses to I’m on Strike!

  1. Sharon Craig says:

    I noticed that today’s Blog is rhyme tyme…..so like your Dadtober!

    Love and Hugs,

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