Training for Pregnancy

I decided today that the experience of training for a marathon seems to be pretty similar to what expecting mothers go through for nine months.  I have never been (and am not… yet ;)) pregnant, so I can’t say for sure but consider the following:

  • I am hungry ALL the time
  • I really don’t worry about how much I eat because I need the calories
  • I need to keep myself really hydrated so I pee at least once every hour
  • My skin has a nice glow
  • I’m constantly exhausted
  • I’m pretty emotionally bipolar; some days I can’t wait for Bethtober 17th to get here and others I try to hide under the covers for as long as possible.
  • I also cry a lot; sometimes on my training runs, I think about what its going to be like to cross the 26.2 finish line and I start to get very emotional
  • I don’t drink (that much) alcohol these days
  • And frankly, both finales are excruciating, depleting, time consuming and have health care providers on hand to ensure you don’t die (ok, maybe that one was a teeny bit dramatic)

The biggest difference is probably that my stomach is getting flatter instead of rounder.  Well that and I’m not going to end up with a little person that I’m responsible for at the end of this; I will get a Tiffany’s necklace though.  That’s almost as big of a deal! 😉

Now if only I could find some chocolate in this house!

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