I’m not laughing.

This whole marathon business is NO JOKE!

This morning I ran a gazillion miles.

I’m about to head out to dinner with The Chef but I wanted to:

a)                  confirm that I am still alive.
b)                  share some of the experiences from the 19 miles with you!

Yes, I know that it is a bit early for dinner if you’re under 55 but The Chef had a late night at work last night and I ran for over 3 hours this morning; I’m sure we’ll be passed out by 7 PM.

First, I should start by letting you know that today is the most beautiful, warm, clear day SF has had ALL year!  Glorious!  One benefit of the gazillion mile run is my nice new sunburn tan.

Here’s the breakdown:


It was gorgeous outside today
Boob lube to the rescue!
I ran around Lake Merced for the 1st time
I found new water fountains
The tan!
I’ve been eating since I got home and don’t intend to stop until I fall asleep
I did it!


My water-belt successfully chaffed my back long to create an open wound
It was hot – I couldn’t refill my water bottle enough times it seemed
It was really hard (that’s what she said!); towards the end my legs were just throbbing and throbbing

Lastly, for those of you who know how I like to really play out a new song will enjoy the fact that I listened to the same song on repeat for the first 8 miles 😉

Alright, this girl is off to eat as much macaroni and cheese as possible!  Go Giants!!!

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