Flosser’s High?

Today I couldn’t help but think about what life would be like if we approached other activities like marathons, with a training program.

Most of us (hopefully) go to the dentist every six months; I actually have my next appointment just a couple days after THE marathon. If you’re like me, the “feedback” you receive from your dentist makes it seem like you just can’t floss enough! (mostly because I don’t ;))

Hmmmmm. What if I created a flossing training plan and shaped my life around it to ensure a positive visit? I’d continue to lift weights to strengthen my triceps and biceps; I’d even build in finger exercises to increase my dexterity. Not only would I schedule twice-daily regular flossing sessions, but I’d curb my meat and sticky candy consumption during the days leading up to the visit. I’ve never heard of a “flosser’s high” but perhaps it could be enjoyable…

I’m sure my x-rays would be unbelievable but life would be pretty exhausting and boring if we approached everything this way, plus, there wouldn’t be any time left for spur-of-the-moment, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants moments on a beautiful Monday afternoon in SF:

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