What’s for Dinner

If I gave you three chances, you’d probably never be able to guess what I had for dinner tonight.  Even those of you who know what came in the CSA bag last week or what I like to eat all the time (read: tomatoes and cheese) couldn’t guess.  Even if I gave you 10, 20 maybe even 30 guesses, you wouldn’t get it.  I promise.

One of my most favorite things about the CSA bag is that it’s very easy to click a button on the computer and pick an unusual or unfamiliar vegetable to be part of your delivery each week but it’s an entirely different thing to then figure out how to prepare and eat it.  I LOVE CSA!  I’m learning so many things.

I’m learning when certain foods are in season.  I’m learning about new foods. I’m learning different recipes and how to be really resourceful (like when you have a pound of garlic to use!).  I’m eating more fruits and veggies each week in anticipation of the next bag.  Have I mentioned everything is locally, sustainable grown and organic?!  (that last sentence was just for you and your sarcasm PhD ;))

So for last week’s delivery I decided to get beets (and a pumpkin! which I spell and pronounce “punkin” so if you see that instead you’ll know what I’m talking about – I’m making a soup out of this on Sunday so stay tuned).  My previous beet experiences include a chopped salad from the House of Prime Rib and I think my SIL roasted some as part of a veggie medley once or twice.  (SIL = sister-in-law)

The Chef was kind enough to clean and cut up the beets we got from our CSA.  He cut them into big chunks so that I could then do whatever I wanted with them.  Hmmmmm…what to do with beets? I thought about eating them raw, steaming or roasting them.  I even chickened out for a minute and thought I’d just juice them with some apples.  I’m sure there’s more you can do with beets but these were the most appealing options to me.  I’d never had a taste of a plain, raw beet so I figured the best place to start.  Not so good.  It wasn’t bad but it sort of tasted like dirt.  (that’s how you know it’s really organic I guess! Again, PhD – just for you ;))

I ran this afternoon so when I got home I wasn’t feeling a full dinner preparation.  I had dishes to do, a shower to take, the Giants are on; I needed something quick and easy.  I decided to steam them seasoned with some salt and pepper and a squingel (this is a Bethtober word, pronounced “squin-j-el” – make sense? – it means a little bit) of brown sugar.  Awesome!  I probably didn’t need the brown sugar and used so little I’m not sure it made a difference anyway but the initial dirt taste scared me so I used backup precautions.  I ate the steamed beets with some grilled chicken and it was SO good.  Beets will definitely be a new staple in this house.

The end.

Oh!  In other news, my birthday is in two weeks from today.  You can start your countdown 😉

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