We are the CHAMPIONS!


In honor of the SF Giants amazing, last game of the season, win and playoff clincher, I wore my orange all day and kept the color theme going with punkin pumpkin soup for dinner!

We got a pumpkin in our CSA bag last week and I followed this recipe…the result was AWESOME!

The Chef helped by chopping up the pumpkin before he left for work.

I then baked the pumpkin chunks and later added some onion and garlic (drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper).  Once everything was hot and happy I moved it all to a pot to simmer and added chicken broth, cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks and a Thai chili to the mix.

The last step involved blending and the addition of some fresh sage.

The recipe also called for fried sage but I didn’t really execute this very well.  I think that the oil was too hot and frankly by this last step I was ready to eat so I gave up on the perfect fried sage leaf.  The finished product…

I made a side salad to accompany the soup, with CSA romaine lettuce, heirloom tomatoes and a quick balsamic vinaigrette but I ate it before I could take a picture 😉

I also wanted to provide an update on my last post; I didn’t end up running 20 miles.  I ran 20.17!  And yes, that .17 is very important!  A marathon isn’t 26 miles people, its 26.2!  It was the best long run I’ve had to date and frankly, I needed it.  The long runs haven’t been going so well and I was really beginning to doubt whether I could finish this marathon running.  I don’t have a particular time goal that I want to meet, this being my first marathon and all, I just want to run the whole thing and finish in the allotted time required.

My long runs have been so difficult that I’ve had dreams where I am giving my number to a friend to finish for me so I can still get the Tiffany’s necklace!  (Terrible, I know!)  Now, for the first time in the last couple of months, I feel confident that I can do this!  I will do this.

Total Miles (this week): 35.17

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