Some Memories…

Playing cards or cribbage during steak dinners after a day filled with soccer games for a tournament away from home, Momma and PhD.

We experienced “Across California” together in elementary school, a week long “camping” field trip.

Walking and talking along DC’s National Mall.

Buying me flowers after I beat two 5th graders to become my elementary school’s “Assistant Secretary” as the lone 4th grader on the ballot.

He advocated for my math prowess as I entered into middle school.

Hard Rock Café shirts from business trips.

Best man at my older brother’s wedding.

He taught me how to drive.  First I maneuvered my way out of the Monte Vista High School parking lot and home (a mile away) before I had my permit, looping around the park for the family reunion in Reno, later we took on the hills of San Francisco.

He took my boyfriend (at the time) on a drive to discuss his expectations and the three things he looks for in a boyfriend of mine, after catching us on the phone after my 10 PM phone curfew (yes, people, I had a phone curfew.  At the time I thought this was silly; in hindsight this was genius – don’t tell my parents I think so ;)).

Sitting in on SAT classes for me so I didn’t have to miss soccer games.

Picking my less-than-sober friends up from a high school party that was just busted by the cops while I was already at home enduring the consequences of my actions (NOT funny at the time but frankly entertaining now every time the story is told!).

Using his OCD powers for good, to organize the only family reunions I think we’ve ever had.

Driving me and my girlfriends back to San Diego after the tragedy of 9/11 resulted in our flights being cancelled.

Moving me back up to the better half of California after college.

Staying up in Montana and supporting my grandmother through her last months.

Providing endless and invaluable financial and professional advice as I entered and was absorbed into “Corporate America”.

Tirelessly positive and utilizing (what I like to call) the “Birthday Present” methodology to continue to kick cancer’s ass!

The perfect partner and foot massager for my Momma.


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One Response to Some Memories…

  1. Dad says:


    Wonderful Memories. Enough to make someone cry.

    YOU make my heart SING!


    Thank You for letting me be your Friend.

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