No roast beef for this little piggy…

The time has come.  I knew it would.

If you read articles on the side effects of running you’ll learn the reason why most runners don’t wear open-toed shoes.  Sustained pressure from running shoes and socks produces impact on toenails and the tissue surrounding them which causes capillaries to break.  Fluid mixed with blood accumulates over time which discolors toenails.  Good thing dark nail polish is in!  Ultimately the pressure becomes so great that the nail begins to separate and you can kiss that little piggy good-bye!

I’ve been assured this process is not too painful and ultimately a new nail will grow back, only to be lost again after the next couple of races.  If you run enough this is going to happen and there isn’t anything you can really do about it.  I actually consider this my next badge of honor as a runner and am looking forward to it!

Girl Scouts accumulate badges when they learn new skills and attain milestones, similar concept here.  Complete half marathon – check!  Complete half marathon under 2 hours – still workin’ on that one.  Run long enough to experience chafing – check!  Complete full marathon – soon-to-be-check!  Lose first toenail – in progress!

I began saying my good-byes awhile ago.  It’s easy to identify which one is going to go first.  It’s the only little piggy that hurts after a long run and now the process of discoloration has begun.  Don’t worry I’ll post pictures when it gets nice and black!

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