Birthday Blog

This morning I woke up with a little bit of a birthday hangover.  The Chef and I went out to dinner with friends last night at Suppenkuche. It’s a German restaurant with delicious beer and delicious food, perfect for Bethtoberfest and marathon carbo loading; a meat and potatoes type of place.

The buzzing of birthday text messages and birthday calls on my phone woke me up early this morning so while The Chef slept his hangover off, I decided to run mine away.  There are just 4 days left until THE marathon so I ran an easy (and pretty slow) 4 miles.

After my birthday run, I took a birthday shower and had my annual birthday phone call with my parents at the time that I was born (12:13 PM).

The Chef then took me out for a birthday lunch on the Bay.

…and some more birthday beer 🙂

Then we went to get me a special birthday present…

We took the long way home so that we could drive the first part of the marathon course.    An old boss, originally from Denmark, told me once that the weather on your birthday is a direct reflection of how good you were for the year prior.  I must have been reeeeeeeeeeeeally good this last year because I don’t think we’ve had a more beautiful day in SF.

See the sign for THE marathon!?

Then we stopped at one of my favorite stores (Sports Basement) so that I could pick up some GU for THE marathon!

I’ve never tried the GU before which I realize is not the most intelligent decision.  Really you shouldn’t try anything new on race day but I’m not sure I have a better option.  On training runs I’ve used sports beans and Larabars for fuel but don’t really like either.  I don’t like having to chew mid-run.  This may sound weird but for some reason when you’re well into double digit mileage liquids are much easier to consume so hopefully the GU works out.  I bought 3 different flavors (and 2 of each) so that I can just test out which flavor(s) I like before the run and then bring that with me.  The Chef will have back-up supplies (a Larabar, bananas etc) in case I need the extra calories.

Before getting home, we made one last quick stop to get some birthday lottery tickets!!!  You can see that I selected my numbers based on my favorite Giants players: Uribe (5), Burrell (9), Huff (17), Posey (28), I couldn’t think of another one that was on the lottery ticket (43), my birthday and favorite number (13)!

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