What’s next?

I’m not talking about which course or distance to choose for my next race, the next few are already scheduled! Check out my updated races page above.

I’m talking about the direction of this blog. Where to now?! Where do we go from here?

Mission Marathon was originally created as an experiment, to test out if I liked blogging, could be consistent and creative with my entries and along the way chronicle my efforts to complete my first marathon.

Everything was crafted with THE goal in mind: blog name, brief description, picture, categories, “about me” section etc…This way I’d have an easy out if I didn’t really enjoy blogging, wanted to call it quits after THE big race, or got sick of my parents blog-stalking me ;). Well friends, don’t worry…I’m not going anywhere! And I like my parents 🙂

I love blogging! I equate it to therapy. It’s nice for all of the thoughts that swirl around in my head to have somewhere to go! It gives me an opportunity to reflect as I navigate through this life, share my stumbles along the way, and giggle at my self-proclaimed hilariousness. And based on the feedback I’ve received from some of you out there, you think I’m funny too like reading along with the journey too!

Do you know what that means?

(in Oprah-announcing-something-awesome-voice…) It’s makeover time!!!

Mission Marathon needs a new look. The URL won’t change but a lot needs updating if we’re going to keep going with this blog business. Some things I can take care of, others I’ll need help with.

First up, we need a new Bethtober blog name. I’m looking for something catchy. I like alliteration. I want to keep it short and sweet. Most importantly, the new name has to match the new objective and focus of the blog which won’t be so nearsighted so we don’t have to change it again.

The content really isn’t going to change much. I want to share recipes, SF adventures, training plans and racing accomplishments. I’ve learned through the past couple months of running that I’m really on a quest to achieve balance in this life. I thrive in equilibrium. Ironically, Bethtober is also a Libra (yes, I’m talking in the 3rd person now for some reason) and the symbol associated with that sign is a balanced scale.

I want to work to live not live to work.  I want to ensure my diet includes healthy, fresh, local, sustainably farmed, diverse and (yes PhD) organic ingredients.  I want to continue to race and push myself towards goals I previously believed to be unattainable.  I want to keep my focus on what I consider to be the point of it all: relationships, time with friends and family, love, learning, laughter…(hmmmm, isn’t that a sign or a postcard or something!?)  I want equal parts run, work, play in my recipe for life.  These are my goals and what I’d like the title of this blog to reflect.

I have some ideas (below) but none spark that “Aha moment”.

Life: A Balancing Act
Balance for Bethtober
Racing Towards Balance

What do you think of the possible Bethtober blog names?  Can you help?  Have any other ideas?

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One Response to What’s next?

  1. Dad says:

    Thank You for continuing….

    Two suggestions;
    Beth’s Bodacious Blog
    BFD Blob
    (Balance, Focus, Discipline)

    I really should have a third suggestion to complete the rule of three but you said “there were usually only two items anyway!”

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