Did you VOTE?!

I don’t normally like to get into politics in a public forum.  I consider the subject, much like religion or spirituality, to be personal and private.  If asked I’m more than happy to discuss my point of view but I’m not interested in getting into a debate about it; my point of view is my point of view, thanks.  And frankly, if we’re on opposite ends of the political spectrum, we’re probably not going to agree anyway and guess what?  That’s fine!  That’s why we live in a democracy!   Remember that term?!  That’s what the US is supposed to be, a democracy.  I get to have my point of view (and vote with it) and you get yours! Awesome isn’t it!?


I can’t stay quiet when I’m personally offended or affected.

Typically I like the mindless, time waster called Facebook…


during election season I can’t stand it!  People try to push their political agendas and ahhhh!  It drives me crazy!  Comments are not insightful; they aren’t educational or clever.  And frankly I found this one in particular to be offensive…

Today I saw on a friend of a friend’s page a picture from a polling place (below)

And the comment along with it said “Do other states list the words “polling place” in 3 languages or is it just Crazy California?!”

At first I didn’t really think much of it because I couldn’t hear the real message through the words that were typed given that I didn’t really know the girl posting.


Then I read the comments below the picture.

“Vote them out of office today and take back this country”


“Of course it is California, your governor can’t even pronounce the name of the state correctly(OK, this one was funny!)

“If you lived here, Centro Electoral would be the biggest one on the sign. All our billboards are in spanish.


“We just had a big sign that said vote and it was only english! That is ridic!”

(BIG EXHALE from Bethtober…)

I could reeeeeeeeally go off here but I won’t.  I’ll simply suggest that perhaps this sign reflects the whole purpose and objective for America…a place where anyone, from any country of any religion/race/sexuality can come and find peace and an equal voice.  No?  I’ll also say that legal immigrants, such as my babies’ future grandparents, didn’t speak English when they first came, legally, to this country and to this day, when they vote, still speak their native languages.

Is it taking anything away from your experience as a native English speaker that there are multiple language interpretations of the phrase “polling place”?

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