One of the nice things about having a blog is that you can make up your own rules and in this case, challenges. I’m not sure if “challenge” is quite the right word, on my list-of-topics-to-blog-about I wrote “goals” but that doesn’t seem quite right either. Maybe you can help.

Here’s the situation I find myself in. While normally a very extroverted and outgoing person I realized this month that I seem to have publicworkoutclassphobia. I know. I hadn’t heard of it before either.

You see, I joined a gym last year so I couldn’t use the weather as an excuse to deviate from slack on my training schedule(s). As I started to get more and more into yoga (the kind that happens in the privacy of your own living room), I realized the gym offers TONS of great classes that I, as a member, can take advantage of for free! (Well, for the price of my monthly membership fee that I’m paying to use the treadmill anyway.) Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates etc…

EVERY MONTH I make sure to grab the schedule of group classes. I bring it home and magnet it to the fridge. Evvvvvvvery month…

Most mornings during the week I look at the schedule and identify which classes would be ideal for me to attend given how work and life are shaping out for that week.

Guess how many classes I’ve been to?

Most recently, I found this awesome new workout concept called, The Dailey Method. I bought a beginner package so I could try it out a couple of weeks before THE marathon (3 classes to attend over the course of the next year). I figured the extra stretching and strengthening would be beneficial before 26.2 miles. Not only have I also never attended one of these classes but I’ve signed up and cancelled my participation in a given class at least 5 different times over the last month (you can cancel up to 10 minutes before the start of a class).

What gives? What is the problem!?

I don’t have a fear of strangers or of wearing spandex in public. Maybe subconsciously I don’t want to follow someone else’s directions for an hour? I’ve always hassled authority figures, ask my youth soccer referees…or my parents! I’m not the most graceful little thing. Maybe I fear looking bad next to a chubby, 40 year old man whose downward facing dog transition to cobra reminds me of a Brian Boitano routine?

So I thought, Bethtober, what better way to get over your silliness then to proclaim to all of your loyal blog readers that the time has come! This is the month! Get over it!

How does that saying go? If you write it, they will come you will have to do it. So this my friends is my November Challenge/Goal/Thing-to-try-to-accomplish…attend one A) group class at the gym and B) Dailey Method class.

Shouldn’t be too hard. I’ll let you know how it goes.
(that’s what she said)

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