Try this!

You’ll never believe how gross it is!

The Chef and I are trying to take the chemicals, preservatives and processed everything out of our lives as much as possible.  Not only do we make a conscious effort to eat “clean” but we’ve also replaced most of our household cleaning products with natural, typically plant based germ-killers.  We’ve also swapped out all of our over-the-counter pain relievers, decongestants and allergy medications for homeopathic solutions.  Neither of us take any prescriptions anymore, just vitamins.

The transition has been gradual.  Changing the types of things we ingest seemed the logical place to start.  Then it seemed odd to only be so mindful about the food-things we were consuming, what about the pills and potions?!  After revamping our vitamin cabinet, I focused my efforts on deodorant.  I decided the most logical time to switch to a new, natural deodorant without aluminum or pore-clogging-antiperspirant-who-knows-what was the day before THE marathon.  What’s a little stink after 26.2 miles!?

A couple of days ago we bought a new kind toothpaste to try out.  We bought the smallest tube just in case the flavor didn’t work out so well.

The Chef:  Have you tried the new toothpaste yet?

Bethtober:  Nope, still working on finishing the old one.

The Chef:  It’s pretty disgusting.  You should try it.

Bethtober:  Hmmmmmm.

The funny thing about this to me is that everyday since this conversation he asks me the same question.  And everyday the answer is the same.  And this morning, he seemed a little bit exasperated by the fact that, in his opinion, I am unwilling to try something new.  Let’s be very clear here folks; this is not an issue of being afraid to step outside of my comfort zone and experience new things.  Nope, not so much.  This is an issue of not wanting to taste something that has already been declared to be disgusting!

This seems to happen all the time.  In college, my roommate would make pasta, taste it herself and then ask me to try the still raw noodles to confirm they were not cooked through.  Or at restaurants, a friend tastes a less-than-awesome entrée and then wants to share the nastiness with the table.  No thanks, I’m good!

Why would I want to try that new toothpaste now?!  No thank you; I’ll stick to finishing out the old one.  Then hopefully, when that is done, he will have also finished the new gross one, and we can get a newer, better version.  I’ll try THAT one 😉

(unless he tries it first and doesn’t like it)

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