I win!

I like to play games.  Competition keeps things interesting!

This game is called, I win.  The premise is simple: I win.

It’s a lot like the Money Card game if you know it.

It’s an easy game really.  I make up competitions in my brain that no one else knows about and that really don’t have any impact on anything or anyone and then I win. There’s no point in really teaching you the rules because…I win.

This morning I was reflecting on this past week and its very clear as far as boyfriends go, I win. (Didn’t know we were competing did ya?!  See, told you.)

This week The Chef:

  • Ensured he had next Wednesday off of work so that we can spend more time with my parents over Thanksgiving and be there in time for a 31st Anniversary dinner!  (My parents are AMAZING – 31 years, WOW!)
  • Rearranged Christmas plans with friends so that my little brother could stay a couple days with us in the city.
  • Bought my soon-to-be-five-year-old niece her birthday present (without me even asking!).
  • Helped to put together a care package for my nephew currently deployed in Iraq.

I reeeeeeeeeally love my family.  I feel blessed to have found a partner who does too.   I win.

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3 Responses to I win!

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  2. Sharon Craig says:

    No, I win! I have you for a daughter….I WIN!

    Love and Hugs,

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