What motivates YOU?

Is the glass half full?  Or half empty?

Does it matter?

It’s no secret (if you’ve been keeping up with my bloggy, ahem Chef) that I struggled a little bit with getting my running back on track after THE marathon.

Everything seemed to provide a very valid excuse reason for why it was much smarter to stay bundled under the covers in the morning and quickly, “just getting out there” took the place of 20 mile training runs.  My knee hurt.  I had just run 26.2 miles.  I was sleepy.  Maybe I needed just one more day of rest.  My ankle hurt.  It was cold outside.

However, after a week or two I was really itching to smear the boob lube on and get back out there!  (Too much information?)  I was sick of stiff joints, no sweat and a bad attitude!  I missed my iPod and Gus.  Where were my endorphins?  I needed running to bring my sexy back and I needed running bad!

Typically I outline my running/workout schedule for the month, even if I’m not training for a race.  It helps keep me on target and my endurance up.  It might look something like this.  I then take great pride in using a red sharpie to place a big X over a completed “day”.  Well friends, let’s just say the schedule for the first week of November was missing quite a bit of pride.

So I thought to myself, self, your expectations are ridiculous; you just ran a whole entire, long MARATHON Bethtober!  Give yourself a break! Maybe a more positive and effective approach would be to put up an empty November calendar that I fill up with my completed runs.  Unfortunately friends, this renewed approach resulted in just as much pride missing from the schedule.

The other day a coworker friend of mine and I took a little “lunch break” to go shopping at my new favorite place on earth, lululemon. I spent way too much money on new running pants that I have been wearing every minute that I’m not in the office.

I’ve run everyday since.

It got me through the first day of kindergarten (well most first days of the school year for that matter), prom, important interviews, first dates, uncomfortable client dinners, weddings, important presentations and my upcoming 10 year high school reunion…retail therapy.

Sometimes you just need new pants.

PS – I now call them my Liz Lemon pants.  I can’t really pronounce lululemon, well I can but it takes too much concentration, and now I think of this and giggle every time I wear them (which is a lot!).

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2 Responses to What motivates YOU?

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  2. Sharon Craig says:

    I love your crazy blogging head….what an interesting place to be (inside your creative head)!


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