A Quick Recap

I was on fire yesterday friends!  In recent weeks my creative blogging apparently needed to rest alongside my worn-out legs.  And now, like my running, I’ve found renewed inspiration!

I changed my homepage so that you will be able to read only the most recent post (instead of the three most recent as it was before).

I published three posts yesterday!  Here’s a quick recap so you don’t miss anything.

I wrote about:

  1. finding motivation in my new Liz Lemoooooooooooooooooon pants
  2. my exciting bus ride to work
  3. a game I like to play (that you probably haven’t heard of)

I now have way too many errands to run for a rainy Saturday morning and then it’s off to my SIL’s house for lunch and some playtime with my niece, the birthday girl!  I’ll have some cute pictures to share later this evening I’m sure.

Ooooh pictures!  That reminds me!  I bought a Groupon a couple of weeks ago for a half day photography workshop facilitated by a professional photography company, Val Westover.  I have been looking to attend something like this for awhile now but they are expensive!  I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity when I saw the Groupon.  The workshop is the week after Thanksgiving; I took a day off of work so that I can attend and I’m so excited!  Hopefully you’ll see a marked difference in the pictures on Balanced Footsteps following the workshop.

A couple of other fun upcoming “events”:

11/27 – my 10 year high school reunion.  I haven’t decided if I’m bringing a camera yet but regardless I’ll have plenty of stories for you.

11/28 – 10K run with my friend Ron.  There’s 100% chance I may or may not be hung-over for this run.  Eh, what can you do?!  😉

12/2 – photography workshop.

12/5 – marathon relay with the other three members of Team Carter/Santizo in Sacramento!

Have a dry great Saturday!

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