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January Goal Status Check

The Chef and I have started wedding planning tonight (yay!) so I don’t have too much time to post but I wanted to fill you all in on this week’s progress. Monday – Rest Tuesday – 7.06 Wednesday – 7.14 … Continue reading

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Pop Quiz! 1.            What food has more antioxidants than blueberries and more calcium than milk? 2.            What is so nutritious that Christopher McDougall, author of Born to Run, likened it to a “smoothie of wild salmon, spinach and human growth hormones”? … Continue reading

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Seven in Heaven

Lately, I’ve been having difficulty finding the motivation to drag my sleepy behind out of my cozy bed to run on the treadmill in the morning.  It’s been pretty cold here, by California-girl standards, and the sun still doesn’t wake … Continue reading

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A case of the Mondays…

Hi friends! Today, I was really missing my morning run. I know we’ll be reunited tomorrow and that the day off is extremely beneficial for my ankle and muscles in general, but still… When I run in the morning I … Continue reading

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Championship Sunday

I WIN!!! Steelers/Packers Super Bowl! Oh man, I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow; solely because I’ve been flapping my lips ALL week to the Jets/Bears fans in the office.  ::sigh::  It should be fun! I squeezed in a … Continue reading

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Any Given Sunday

Friday afternoon I was walking home from the bus stop with my nose in my book. Side note: I’m reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall and its AWESOME!  I have a whole post planned about it for later next … Continue reading

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The Bus Diaries

I like riding the bus, usually.  I’m a pretty nosey person and there are typically some very interesting characters on the bus; most days I bring a book or magazine to read disguise my eavesdropping. My schedule has been a … Continue reading

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