Uppers and Downers

We had four houseguests, on and off and in different combinations, over the last two weeks.  Ironically they all were from Illinois.  I love having company.  I think The Chef and I do a pretty good job sharing our cozy one-bedroom SF home with others (the bathroom might be a different story).  We cook, we clean; we provide keys, fresh towels and linens for air mattresses.  It was a fun time filled with holiday cheer great food, laughter and beer (and wine and whiskey and cocktails and champagne – also on and off and in different combinations). 😉


Now that everyone has left and all of the Guatemalan Christmas tamales have been consumed, I feel like we’ve had to come down off of our holiday high.  Luckily The Chef and his sister (who will be known moving forward as…), SIL (Sister-In-Law), were both born within the first week or so of January…and you all know how much I love birthdays!  Yes, other peoples’ too!


Unfortunately our houseguests left a little present for me, actually a couple of presents: sneezing, stuffy head, sore throat, achy body.  Certainly nothing NyQuil homeopathic cold and flu medicine can’t handle!  This will officially be the first cold I’m trying to fight solely with homeopathic remedies and by boosting my daily intake of vitamins.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


The cold worsened last night so I was still chipper yesterday morning and excited to set out on my first run of 2011.  Now that every run gets me closer to accomplishing my goal of running 2011 miles in 2011, I couldn’t wait to see how many miles I could get in!  (Because I’m already behind by like twenty-something miles!)  I only had 30 minutes to run but I was feeling great yesterday after about a week off and I couldn’t wait to get back in the swing of things.  I’m a weenie It was cold outside so I opted for a treadmill run and 30 minutes FLEW by!  When I cam home The Chef had breakfast ready for me and eagerly asked, “so, how far did you go?”



My first run of 2011, my first run chipping away at that 2011 mile goal and I FORGOT TO CHECK THE FINAL DISTANCE ON THE TREADMILL!  What a downer!


Luckily, I keep a pretty consistent pace and while I’m sure I ran more 3 miles, I’m not sure how much more.  So we’ll say 3.


Only 2008 miles to go!


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2 Responses to Uppers and Downers

  1. Dad says:

    I just wanted to share, what a joy it was to be sitting on the couch last night while Mom read (I’m going to be [2011 miles]) and laughed her ass off. The delightful chortle was decidedly delicious to devour as it definitely displayed unbridled happiness and entertainment provided by your writing. THANK YOU!

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