In addition to getting married, The Chef and I have another big, life altering event coming up soon…

We’re cancelling our cable.

I know.  I know what you’re thinking.  What are we going to do without Snooki and The Situation?  We’re crazy.  We might as well move across The Bay and join the rest of our people in Berkeley.  Organic, local produce to eat, deodorant derived from all-natural, unprocessed ingredients, toothpaste made from I-don’t-even-know-what (but no chemicals!), Birkenstocks, and now, NO CABLE?!

During 2011 there will be a lot of changes for this household.  In an effort to counteract the stress and insanity, we’re trying to simplify and save.  That’s the plan for 2011, simplify and save (and run 2011 miles).

I know what else you’re thinking.  Why did you buy a ridiculously expensive, gorgeous, flat screen, HD TV in 2008 that you just finished paying off 6 months ago, only to now decide not to use the TV at all?!

I have no idea.

We upgraded our TV to improve our sports watching experience so of course we’re waiting until after the Superbowl to cut the cord.  The TV will stay; we can still watch movies on it and we’re going to try to figure out how to hook our laptop up to the TV to project The Jersey Shore videos from our computer if we really want to watch something.

This small change will save us almost $100 each month and countless hours of time wasted and neurons numbed.  Think of how much more productive we will be!  We have A LOT to do in 2011 so we both believe this change is priceless in helping us attain our larger goals.

Good-bye Oprah.  I’ll love you forever.  Intervention and Locked-up Abroad, you’ve provided hours of entertainment and shocking scenes that I’ll remember forever.  Real-Housewives-from-wherever and ANY-Kardashian-related-show, I probably should have never started watching in the first place.  Biggest Loser, GLEE, Modern Family, I’ll see YOU on Hulu.  (See how badly I need to eliminate cable from my life!  It’s sick really!)

In other news, the cold is progressively getting worse, I’m hoping I hit bottom yesterday although I’m not feeling much better this morning.  I miss my appetite the most.  We have a great relationship and it’s not the same without her.  The Chef tried to help bring her back last night by ordering us delicious Thai soup.  Mmmmmm

If you see my appetite, please send her home.

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