Number of miles I ran last week* = 14.51

*For those of you who may be new, hi!  And for the purposes of this blog and my weekly summaries, a “week” is the previous Monday through Sunday.  So last “week” means Monday January 3, 2011 – Sunday January 9, 2011.  (No running occurred on January 1 or 2, only football watching.)

Number of miles left to run in 2011 = 1996.49

Number of miles I need to run daily to achieve my goal of 2011 miles in 2011 = 5.51

Number of total miles to run in one pair of shoes before replacing them = 350 – 550

Number of new pairs of running shoes I get to buy this year! = ~ 4

Number of miles I ran today = 6.32

Number of races I’m currently signed up for in 2011 = 1

Number of weeks until my next race = 4

Number of additional races I plan to sign up for today! = 1

Anyone ever seen that terrible TV show where they use the Pythagorean Theorem to figure out who-done-it and solve crime puzzles?  No?  Don’t bother.  I only bring it up because that’s what popped in my head as I was writing this post.  High school geometry would have been much more entertaining if teachers had incorporated murder mysteries into our lessons.  I probably would have paid attention more and consumed fewer nachos.  (I had a friend who sat behind me and brought nachos everyday to class.  Well, everyday that he showed up to class.  Thanks Bu!)

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3 Responses to NUM83R5

  1. Frenchie Fanatic says:

    Haha – I feel like I must have been in your math class at SOME point. I’m so impressed with your running goals, Beth! You motivated me to set a goal – a much simpler goal – but a goal in and of itself… to blog more! I’m excited to follow your blog this year and live vicariously through you and your running. 🙂 Btw, when’s the big wedding day? Happy Blogging!

    • bethtober says:

      Thanks Noopur! I really appreciate the support! I’m SURE we were in multiple math classes together throughout our academic careers 🙂 No wedding date yet; we took the holidays to enjoy the engagement so planning starts…now!

  2. Sharon Craig says:

    Thanks for my Blog FIX….it is better than caffeine!

    Love you!

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