As most of you know, The Chef and I belong to a Community Support Agriculture (CSA) program called Eating with the Seasons.  You can read how much I love it here, here, here, here, here, here, here, aaaaaaaaaaaand here!  The program runs all year long with the exception of a two month break from December – January.

Here is the result of that break…


Our entire fridge contains solely beverages and condiments.  Awesome.

Anyone know if it’s possible to run a half marathon on mustard, fish sauce and wine?

To pass the time during the two month winter break we’ve been eating: Guatemalan Christmas tamales, pizza, burritos and out!  This has not been great for our wallets or bodies.  After carb-fest 2010 Christmas, I stocked our fridge full of veggies and coconut water, although I felt like I was cheating on our CSA with every trip to the market.  I could also easily tell a difference in the quality of produce and it felt very wrong buying anything that wasn’t locally grown or in season.  How do you even know what’s in season when you go to the market?!

So I was pretty excited to receive the “we’re almost back up and running, here’s what’s going to be new for 2011” email from our CSA!  YAY!  I don’t even want to wait one more day!  But I will, for some quality brocc-o-lay!

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