Come and knock on our door…

Some of you who’ve been to our home might be familiar with our neighbor downstairs.  We refer to him as “the downstairs neighbor”.

We’ve lived here for almost five years and still don’t know his name.  Actually, let’s be honest here, I think I know his name; The Chef does not.  And the only reason is because I am the nosiest person on earth and may have or have not seen his mail, UPS/FedEx deliveries and personalized license plate once or twice.  Although, we’ve technically never formally introduced ourselves throughout the time we’ve lived here.  Terrible huh?!  And now it’s just WAY too late to ask someone you’ve shared salutations with day in and day out for THAT long, what their name actually is!

As you’ve probably guessed by his nickname, he lives downstairs, in the apartment right below ours.  He’s a personal trainer (I think, based on miscellaneous “clues” I’ve picked up over the years) and he also purchases expensive, LOUD audio equipment.  There are eight units in our apartment building, 1 of which is ours and 6 others I never rarely hear.

The speakers Downstairs Neighbor has hooked up to his surround-sound system are incredible; SO incredible that we can feel the vibrations on the bottoms of our feet.  SO incredible that sometimes, HUGE books fall to our floor as gentle reminders that maybe he’s being a bit too loud. 😉  SO incredible that we can see the water in our glasses move when someone on his TV gets shot or scores a touchdown.  This is how we’ve come to the conclusion that he must ALWAYS be watching Jurassic Park.  Nothing else could ever really be THAT loud.

Or so I thought.

Recently, Downstairs Neighbor acquired himself a live-in girlfriend.  I’m sure she’s nice enough.  Like his surround-sound situation, she’s a loud one.  Unless he’s replaying the Velociraptor scene over and over and over and over and over and over again, I’m pretty sure she has Jurassic Park beat.  I hear things these days that really no person should hear strangers doing, unless you’re into that sort of thing.  I think they might have even broken something last night.

Just sayin’.

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