Any Given Sunday

Friday afternoon I was walking home from the bus stop with my nose in my book.

Side note: I’m reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall and its AWESOME!  I have a whole post planned about it for later next week so stay tuned!  Ok, back to the story…

And I heard someone yell at me, “STEELERS SUCK!”

“YOU SUCK!” I immediately and intelligently retorted before even lifting my eyes up from the pages to see who I was about to get into it with.  I didn’t even have time to realize that I wasn’t wearing anything that would tip a stranger off to my love for the black and gold before the words flew out of my mouth.  Clearly, I’d turned the filter in between my brain and my mouth off for the weekend already.

I looked up and saw, with his puffed up fro and grinning from ear to ear, The Chef, revealing a freshly shaved face that I hadn’t seen for at least six months.  The Chef’s been gone all week so it was great to see him, even if our first look involved trading football jabs. 😉

You see I LOVE football and for the first time, I’m managing my own fantasy playoff team.  So is The Chef.  We both agree that Aaron Rodgers is going all the way this season but we have different outcomes predicted for the Steelers/Jets match up.  While I’m not the biggest Roethlisberger fan of Chester the Molester anymore, as my mom gently reminded me last week, I am a Steelers fan by birth.  So naturally I’ve spent my week making sure the Jets fans in my life accept the reality that their season will be over tomorrow.  The Chef and I also have a five dollar side bet on the game.

My grandma used to make bets with my grandfather on the outcomes of Sundays’ games.  The wager was always a quarter per game and she would paint her winnings with red nail polish to ensure he had a constant reminder of her success.

You can rest assured; I’ve got my “Tenacious Ruby” ready.  GO STEELERS!

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4 Responses to Any Given Sunday

  1. Sharon Craig says:

    I love all the new Blogs….but I especially enjoyed “On Any Given Sunday”! I will be sitting with my terrible towel and Steeler shirt this given Sunday! Hopefully, I won’t be cleaning the house like a mad woman. I want you to have to use your “tenacious red”! Here we go Steelers….Here we GOOOOOOO!

    Love and Hugs,

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