Championship Sunday

I WIN!!! Steelers/Packers Super Bowl!

Oh man, I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow; solely because I’ve been flapping my lips ALL week to the Jets/Bears fans in the office.  ::sigh::  It should be fun!

I squeezed in a little bit more than 10 miles this morning before Championship Sunday began and as a result my appetite has been insatiable all day!  In order to help quell my cravings while we were waiting for our sushi dinner to arrive, The Chef made us Micheladas.

They are supposed to be made with tomato juice but we didn’t have any so The Chef just whipped some up using the canned organic tomato paste we have in the cupboard.  He whisked it with some water and a little bit of salt and maybe some Worcestershire sauce, I think, I can’t be sure; I was watching the football game!

You then mix the tomato concoction with beer, about 1/3 tomato juice to 2/3 beer.

And my favorite part, the chili-salt rimmed glass!

The Chef also added about an ounce of lemon juice.


I ran a lot this week but a bunch of it was unintentional.  Running is an amazing stress release and helps to keep me sane most days.  With work and life lately I’ve increased the mileage to help balance my brain.  I should be running about this same weekly mileage every week in order to accomplish my 2011 in 2011 goal but I’ve read that it’s really not healthy to run every day.  I will have to figure out a way from here on out to keep running this same distance weekly but in less days.  I definitely need to take at least one day off each week so consider me benched for tomorrow!  Here’s how I did this past week.

Monday – 6.71
Tuesday – 6.45
Wednesday – 6.25
Thursday – 3.25
Friday – 3.16
Saturday – 8.30
Sunday – 10.17

Month Week Actual Miles Goal Miles
Jan 1/1 – 1/9 14.51 49.59
1/10 – 1/16 32.99 88.16
1/17 – 1/23 44.29 126.73
1/24 – 1/30 165.3
Goal Status Check 91.79 165.3
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