A case of the Mondays…

Hi friends! Today, I was really missing my morning run. I know we’ll be reunited tomorrow and that the day off is extremely beneficial for my ankle and muscles in general, but still…

When I run in the morning I just get an extra boost of “mmmpf” for the day. And really, who doesn’t need mmmpf?!

Since I couldn’t run today and that just makes me think about how much I love to run, I decided to register for another race. Check it out on my races page above!

You may also notice after having a look at my races page that I’m running a half marathon in about two weeks. That should be interesting.

I’m not too worried about it considering the mileage I’ve put in lately but this will be the first race that I haven’t officially followed a training plan to prepare for. I outlined one for January that is still hanging on my bulletin board but I haven’t followed it AT ALL.

I know from experience that if I’m running about 5 – 6 miles most days a week and put in a pretty good long run or two of about 8 – 10 miles a month or so before a half marathon race, I should be OK.

But you may also recall that I’m trying to finish a half in less than two hours and hopefully set a PR this year so….we’ll see!

I also realized last week that the mileage I am going to be accumulating each week this year in order to accomplish my goal of 2011 in 2011, is almost more than when I was training for THE marathon! So guess what?!

There will be another marathon this year for Bethtober! I don’t want to reveal all the details of what I have cooked up just yet, but stay tuned. I should be able to let you all know what the plan is next week…

Have a happy Tuesday!

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