Seven in Heaven

Lately, I’ve been having difficulty finding the motivation to drag my sleepy behind out of my cozy bed to run on the treadmill in the morning.  It’s been pretty cold here, by California-girl standards, and the sun still doesn’t wake up until after 7 AM so I’ve been opting for warm, under-a-roof runs at the gym. Usually the alarm goes off, the coffee is already made and I’m out the door before my brain even realizes what my body is doing!  But these days, my brain is all too aware that we’re headed to stare at my reflection for about an hour and it is not happy about it.

I still go but I’ve been looking for extra motivation everywhere!

I searched at Lady Foot Locker and found about a week’s worth there.

I looked for a new race.  That was successful but still isn’t causing me to leap out of bed at 5 AM!

I tried iTunes and that helped for a couple days until I played out the new song I had on repeat.

Then I found the answer in the pages of my new book!

I need to get back OUTSIDE…and run barefoot!  I tried the first part of that realization out this week.  For the past two days, I’ve been doing 7 mile runs outside with the San Francisco sunrise.  It’s just glorious.  It’s not too cold anymore and I only spend about half the run in the dark (my headlamp battery is dead because I played with it too many times in the house).  I turn my iPod on when the sun starts to peak through because frankly it’s not very safe to eliminate your sense of hearing when your sense of sight is also compromised.  I forgot what it was like to actually hear yourself running!  It is also very cool to run with both the sun and moon out.  I like watching San Francisco wake up.

(this was taken on Saturday during “The Chef and Bethtober’s Day ‘O Fun!”)

PS – Momma, I noted five different Steelers flags flying this morning!  GO STEELERS!

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2 Responses to Seven in Heaven

  1. Sharon Craig says:

    WhooHooo….Here we go Steelers…Here we go! Who are you rooting for next Sunday?….Be careful not to break my heart!

    Love and Hugs,

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