Week in Review

Hi friends!  It’s been a minute since my last post so I wanted to catch you up on the happenings of the last week or so and provide you with this week’s update on the 2011 miles in 2011 goal!

I finally figured out a practical purpose for our canopy bed that has no canopy.

The Chef does most of our laundry these days but I still take care of cleaning my running clothes.  I only have enough options to last me about a week or so and I often re-wear pants/shorts.  With the rate that I’m running now Monday Rest Day has also turned into Laundry Day.  Most running friendly clothes should not be put in the dryer so the majority of the wash load comes out to air dry; socks and lady undergarments tumble dry.  Clearly I favor red, black and grey options with a squingle (pronounced squinjel) of blue.  😉

The Migraine Monster came for a visit on Thursday.  It was not fun.  I get the whole-sha-bang-migraine.  Aura = can’t see a thing.  Headache = WAAAAY worse than any “headache” could ever be; you just want to bury your whole head in a deep, dark, cold, silent, painkilling hole.  Can someone please invent that?!  Nausea/Vomiting = don’t worry; I don’t have any pictures.

On Saturday, we had to deal with this!

Any idea what it is?  It’s embarrassing frankly.  And gross!

We have mold…on the ceiling in our closet.  I’m not quite sure how we could have avoided it; I guess I could have cleaned the ceiling in our closet?  Do people even do that?  In any case, we’re having our home repainted soon and the smell of the nastiness in the closet has also been getting to me.  Frankly, I feared for the health of my lungs so we just went at it!  With gas masks and gloves and organic, natural cleaners 😉

Sunday was race day!  I ran the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon.  I LOVE this race and this was my second time running it.  The course through GG Park is beautiful and very familiar considering I run most of it on a weekly basis.  The weather in SF on Sunday could not have been more beautiful and perfect for a run.  And I was itching to see how I’d do in a Half since THE marathon last Bethtober.  I reeeeeeeeeeally wanted to break two hours but I didn’t want to apply too much pressure since I have only been back in the swing of things for, realistically, about a month (and also reeeeeeeeeeally needed two glasses of wine after a day of cleaning mold nastiness!).  A full race recap is coming up in the next post!  I know, I know! I can’t tell you how it all went down now though; but I can leave you with this little diddy…

AWESOME huh!!?

The Chef took this picture of my amazing blister after the race.  In case you haven’t been properly acquainted with my toes yet, there they are; they say hi!  I have very long, finger like toes.  My Dadtober used to tell me they were princess toes.  I’m pretty sure he was right.

I thought the nail on this little piggy was going to say its goodbyes awhile ago but instead it appears to be waiting until the new nail underneath grows in.  Weird.  I was also informed by The Chef that it may apparently look like my Princess Toes are flipping off the camera; this in fact was not the case, I was just trying to capture the best side of the awesome blister.

Here’s how I did last week…

Monday – Rest Day
Tuesday – 6.67
Wednesday – 6.90
Thursday – Migraine Monster
Friday – 6.60
Saturday – 3.02
Sunday – 13.28

I only ran 3-ish miles on Saturday because I was trying to “taper” for my Half on Sunday.  During normal taper weeks I’ve probably only run 6 – 10 miles cumulative the whole week but having a marathon under my belt now put a new perspective on things.  You may also be wondering why my Half mileage is 13.28…you’ll have to stay tuned for the Race Recap coming up next 😉

Month Week Actual Miles Goal Miles
Jan 1/1 – 1/9 14.51 49.59
1/10 – 1/16 32.99 88.16
1/17 – 1/23 44.29 126.73
1/24 – 1/30 44.62 165.3
Goal Status Check 136.41 165.3
Feb 1/31 – 2/6 36.47 203.87
2/7 – 2/13   242.44
2/14 – 2/20   281.01
2/21 – 2/27   319.58
Goal Status Check 172.88 319.58
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